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Happy Feet Hatchery

Eustis, FL

Locally Owned and Operated

Happy Feet Hatchery located in Eustis, FL is a certified Hatchery through the Department of Agriculture that offers Baby Chicks, Juveniles, Hatching Eggs and Farm Fresh Eggs year-round! We have a passion for raising happy, healthy birds for our customers to purchase, either by appointment or we ship as well! We are experienced shippers and ship our hatching eggs by pre-order.

All of our breeds are carefully selected to provide you with the best variety and quality of poultry. Whether you are looking for great layers, colorful birds, or colorful eggs Happy Feet Hatchery has just what you need. We are always happy to help those new to chickens embark on their new journey as well!

Whatever you need, Happy Feet is here for you!

We invite you to read Our Story, check out the news section for tips and stories from our “Happy Feet” customers and browse our website. Follow us on Social media, Join Our Newsletter and most important pick up the phone and GIVE US A CALL at (407) 733-4427. 

Note: Appointments Required

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Happy Feet Hatchery Eustis in Poultry Magazine

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Frequently Asked Questions

Are you just starting out? Wondering what you need to care for your new feathered friend? Happy Feet Hatchery is constantly updating our list of Frequently Asked Questions. As always, if you don’t find the answers you are looking for we are as close as a phone call. (407) 733-4427.

What Is A Brooder

Is some type of heated enclosure for raising baby poultry. A brooder includes a heat lamp, a source of food and water for the chicks and bedding such as pine shavings.

Should I use a red heat bulb for my brooder light?

NO. Red heat bulbs are an EXTREME fire hazard, put out entirely too much heat, and can cause behavioral problems with your baby chicks. A regular 60w – 100w bulb is perfectly suitable to use and much safer for you and for your baby chicks.

What treats can I give my chicks?

You can offer your chick’s fun treats like mealworms (LIVE or dried). However, keep in mind, your little fluff balls need as much nutrition as possible to mature properly. So, offer treats in small amounts and in moderation so their main source of food is their feed.

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