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All orders are done on a pre-order basis so that the eggs may be collected fresh.

We take all the proper precautions when packaging and shipping your hatching eggs to you so that they have the best chance of arriving viable and intact. Please review our shipping disclaimer below prior to calling and placing your order. Once your order is placed, you will receive a confirmation email, and once your order has shipped we will send a second email containing your tracking number.

Minimum order is one dozen and you can choose from a full dozen(s) of one specific breed or create your own mixed dozen! Our current pricing chart is shown below.

Availability and pricing are subject to change. Current pricing is available below and you can also download our pricing and shipping information in PDF format.

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***All orders ship out on Tuesday’s or Wednesday’s, and all orders must be placed a week prior to shipping.

Hatching Eggs Pricing and Shipping 2023

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