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Looking To Become A USAF Security Police/Forces Alumni Member?

The USAF Police Alumni Association proudly dedicates this website to past, present and future Peacekeepers & Defenders. Our goal is to preserve the proud history and traditions of the Air Police, Security Police and Security Forces in our virtual museum.

Security Forces are America’s first line of air power defense. From the valleys of Vietnam to the desert sands of the harsh Iraqi summers. America’s Security Forces have answered the call protecting people, property and resources for our nations most vital assets.

USAF Police Alumni Association prides itself on being welcoming and inclusive to all USAF Cops (AP’s, SP’s, SF’s and CATM), current, retired and veterans from the regular Air Force, U.S. Air Force Reserve and Air National Guard units.

Mission Statement:

The USAF Police Alumni Association is dedicated to the development and creation of a virtual USAF Police Museum, Memorial and Alumni Association. Our mission is to honor the service and sacrifice of all USAF Police Veterans, past, present and future.

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