Red Star (Sex-Link)

Sex-Links are cross-bred chickens whose gender at hatching is differentiated by their down color or specific markings, in turn making chick sexing easier and enables us to sell guaranteed pullets as chicks! (As with our Cream Legbars). This is why they are such a popular breed! The females hatch with red down feathering and the males with yellow. Sex-links come in several varieties. Red Stars, Black Stars, Golden Comets and ISA Browns to name a few..

Chicks of a single breed that are similarly sex-linked are called auto-sexing chickens, a term developed to differentiate between sex linkage in purebred chickens versus sex linkage in crossbreeds. Our Cream Legbars are an auto-sexing breed as they breed true, while Red Stars are a crossbred which is why they are considered sex-linked and not an auto-sexing breed.

Out of all the sex-linked varieties we chose the Red Stars for their excellent egg production and overall great disposition.

Red Stars can be extremely good egg-layers which often produce 300 eggs a year or more. They are also known for laying EXTRA LARGE eggs and are well known for laying double-yolkers frequently!! They are also one of the friendliest breeds! Great breed for beginners and for families with small children. Not to mention, fun to hatch because you can immediately tell males from females!

Red Star
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Red Star (Sex-Link) Characteristics

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