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Did You Know? The Eggs you purchase from a grocery store may be weeks old by the time you purchase them. Thus decreasing the shelf life once you have put them in your fridge.

More often than not by the time you purchase eggs off of a grocery store shelf they are most likely at least 30 days old. Store bought eggs have already been; transported, washed, and refrigerated meaning that by the time they make it to your fridge they’ll only be good for a short time.

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Farm Fresh Eggs sold by Happy Feet Hatchery are sold when they are only days old. This means our Farm Fresh Eggs have a substantially longer shelf life. Possibly the most important reason Happy Feet Hatchery Farm Fresh Eggs” are better than store bought eggs is that they are Healthier For You! 

Farm Fresh Eggs contain less Cholesterol, Less Saturated Fat, more Vitamin A, E, and D, more Omega-3 Fatty acids, and more beta carotene.

Also, the hens that the eggs are coming from have a much better diet and lifestyle than those of hens that live in a caged environment. Once you’ve tried our Farm Fresh Eggs, we guarantee you’ll be able to feel and taste the difference from store bought. Farm Fresh is always best!

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